Dog and Cat fleas

Fleas are by far the most common cause of itchiness in cats and dogs.  Fleas are also the most common cause of skin allergies and allergic animals often only need one bite for an allergic reaction to occur.

Flea prevention is also an important part of preventing tapeworms as fleas can carry tapeworm eggs and cause tapeworm infestations when an animal grooms itself and eats a flea.

Fleas are very common and easily passed between animals, but they can also be treated and prevented very easily.  Both the animal and its household should be treated as fleas actually spend most of their lifetime off the animal.  It is also important to treat all of the animals in a household to ensure that all fleas are killed.

If you require any further advice, please feel free to ask or pick up one of our flea information sheets.  We stock a wide range of the latest flea products for both cats and dogs.