Michael Needs

Grad Dip. RVN
Head Veterinary Nurse
Registered Veterinary Nurse

    Michael started training as a veterinary nurse in 2008 and qualified in 2010.
    Since qualifying Mike has undertaken the graduate diploma in veterinary nursing which he completed in 2016.
    Michaels main interests lie within medical nursing with a focus on cardiovascular, haemopoietic and lymphorecticular disorders. Mike also really enjoys reproduction and breeding.
    Michael owns a gorgeous Japanese Shiba Inu called ‘Aki’.
    At weekends he can be found showing at various open and championship shows across the country. He also is an aspiring judge, having completed sections of the kennel club judging programme.
    He also owns marine aquarium full of exotic fish, coral and invertebrates.
    Mikes future goals and aspirations is to do further qualifications in reproduction & breeding, specifically focusing on artificial insemination practices.

    Bethany Bennett

    BSc(Hons) RVN
    Registered Veterinary Nurse

      Beth qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2015 from Hartpury College and joined WHVC shortly after.
      Since being at WHVC Beth has undertaken and passed a level 3 certificate in canine hydrotherapy and runs our on-site hydrotherapy centre.
      Beth’s favourite areas are surgical nursing, rehabilitation and physiotherapy, and has a big soft spot for the ‘golden oldies’.
      Beth is a clinical coach (student mentor) and teaches our student nurses ‘the ropes’. She also helps them complete their nursing progress log which is an online record of practical nursing tasks.
      Beths future goals are to work towards a masters in animal physiotherapy and spend some time abroad volunteering with animals putting her nursing skills to good use.
      Beth has a more unusual pet….. a Mississippi map turtle called Malcolm!

      Lisa Graham

      Registered Veterinary Nurse

        Lisa qualified as a veterinary nurse back in 1997! She has worked in various practices during her career and has a wealth of experience.
        Lisa’s main interests in practice are obstetrics, dentistry and nurse clinics.
        If there are ever puppies in the practice you can guarantee she will be there and if there is a caesarean going on in theatre she will be there towel-in-hand ready to start resuscitating the puppies!
        Lisa undertook the nurses certificate in oral care through the BVNA in 2017 and is our very own in-house ‘tooth fairy’.
        She owns a Border Terrier called Lexie and a Bearded Dragon called Ozzy.

        Sally Holbrow

        Registered Veterinary Nurse

          Sally qualified as a veterinary nurse back in 1997 and has years of experience under her belt!
          Sally has had a very interesting and varied career. Prior to the birth of her gorgeous daughter she was Head Veterinary Nurse here at WHVC.
          She is based mainly at our Prestwood branch however we do have the pleasure of her nursing talents at our Halton branch from time to time.
          Sally’s main interests are in feline behaviour and nursing, wound management, surgical nursing and anaesthesia.
          Sally’s future goals is to undertake a certificate or further qualification in wound management or anaesthesia.
          Sally owns a crazy chocolate Labrador called Bonnie & a cat called Frankie and two tortoises – Herbie & Henrietta!

          Harriet Lowes

          Registered Veterinary Nurse

            Harriet qualified as a veterinary nurse back in 2003 and joined WHVC not long after. She has years of experience behind her!
            Harriet has many interests and loves in practice but specifically she enjoys anaesthesia, analgesia and inpatient care.
            In the future she hopes to undertake a certificate in anaesthesia & analgesia.
            Harriet owns a horse called Duke, a Labrador called Parsnip and too gorgeous cats called Augustus and Arthur.

            Louise Scott

            VNcert(ECC) NCert(Anaesth) MBVNA RVN
            Clinical Nurse Lead
            Registered Veterinary Nurse

            Louise joined WHVC in September 2009 not long after qualifying as a veterinary nurse.
            In March 2014 she became Head Veterinary Nurse and started studying for an additional qualification in emergency and critical care nursing which she completed & passed in March 2015.
            In June 2015 she went on a volunteer project to Malawi with fellow colleague Lisa Angus to take part in Mission Rabies. She said it was an amazing experience and she hopes to one day participate again in the future.
            On her return she left WHVC to pursue her love of intensive nursing  and anaesthesia and spent 9 months working at Davies Veterinary Specialists. She had a wonderful time and learnt so much however she came back to WHVC in March 2016 as she missed seeing her regular clients and patients.
            Whilst at Davies she was inspired by their team of vet anaesthetists so started studying again but this time for the nurses certificate in anaesthesia. She passed her certificate in November 2017. Louise has now become clinical nurse lead and is responsible for monitoring and reviewing clinical standards and mentoring the nursing team in line with her additional qualifications.
            Alongside her full time role at WHVC she also manages the WHVC social media pages and organises our practice client evenings.
            Louise owns a naughty cocker spaniel called Mr George & a cat called Binky.

            Alayne Hall

            C&GCert(VNES) ISFM Cert(FN) RVN
            Registered Veterinary Nurse

              Alayne joined WHVC in 2009 as a student veterinary nurse and qualified as an RVN in 2011.
              In 2013 Alayne decided to undertake a further qualification in nursing exotic patients which is a keen interest of hers. This ranged from British wildlife and small mammals to much more exotic patients such as amphibians and reptiles. Alongside this she became a clinical coach and mentor to our student veterinary nurses.
              In 2015 she decided to enrol and undertake another qualification, this time in another favourite area of hers – feline nursing! Alayne became Head nurse here at WHVC in Summer 2015. In January 2016 she left to have her first child before returning part time in February 2017 having passed her certificate in feline nursing.
              Alayne has two cats called Sherlock & George AKA Pickle & Monkey (real names & pet names!) She enjoys anything crafty so enjoys making crochet blankets, patchwork quilts and also loves baking.

              Emily Gamble

              BSc(Hons) RVN
              Registered Veterinary Nurse

                Emily joined WHVC in 2017 after qualifying as a veterinary nurse from Middlesex University.
                Emily spent some time volunteering with Elephants in Thailand before settling down to full time working life here at WHVC.
                In practice her favourite areas are inpatient care and emergency & critical nursing.
                In the future Emily plans to undertake further qualifications in medical nursing, emergency and critical care nursing or do a masters in veterinary nursing (not all at the same time!)
                Emily owns a gorgeous Cavachon called Mia and two cats called Phynn & Suki.

                Julia Withers

                Dip AVN (Surg) RVN
                Registered Veterinary Nurse

                  Julia qualified as a veterinary nurse all the way back in 1993! She later undertook the diploma in advanced veterinary nursing (surgical) and passed in 2001. Since then she has had various nursing jobs in first opinion and referral practices gathering a wealth of experience.
                  She now enjoys surgical nursing, feline nursing and also works down in our canine hydrotherapy unit alongside RVN Beth.
                  Her future goals are to undertake a certificate in canine hydrotherapy and rehabilitation.
                  Julia owns a Springer Spaniel called Quest and two Cats – Sid & Jinx.

                  Alex Baughan

                  Registered Veterinary Nurse

                    Alex joined WHVC in ……. and began her nurse training.
                    She qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2017 from the College of animal welfare.
                    Alex’s main interests in practice are inpatient care, feline nursing, nurse clinics (specifically weight management).
                    Alex’s future goals and aspirations are to undertake the ISFM diploma in feline nursing and also be more involved in the equine side of WHVC.
                    Alex owns a cat called Edmund.

                    Lucy Searle

                    Registered Veterinary Nurse

                      Lucy qualified from the College of Animal Welfare in January 2017 and joined WHVC in November 2017.
                      Lucy works in both our small animal and equine department.
                      Lucy’s main interests are exotic patients and equine nursing.
                      In the future she hopes to undertake further studies in equine nursing and work at a specialist equine referral hospital.
                      Lucy owns a Netherland dwarf rabbit called Pepper.

                      Jo Mountford

                      BSc(Hons) RVN
                      Registered Veterinary Nurse

                        Jo Qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2016 from Middlesex University.
                        She joined WHVC at the start of 2017 after working at another practice locally.
                        Jo’s main interests are the nursing of exotic pets and cats…and also emergency & critical care nursing.
                        Her future goals and aspirations are to undertake a certificate in emergency and critical care nursing.
                        At the moment she owns no pets but is always on the look out for the next waif & stray in need of a home.

                        Holly Hall

                        Registered Veterinary Nurse

                          Holly qualified as veterinary nurse in 2016 from Oaklands college and joined WHVC shortly after.
                          Holly’s main interests in practice are intensive care nursing, inpatient care and the nursing of cats and exotic patients – especially Guinea Pigs!
                          Holly’s future goals and aspirations are to undertake a further qualification in the nursing of exotic patients.
                          Holly owns a Jack Russel aptly named ‘Jack’, a rescue cat called Rory and two Guinea Pigs called Dougie & Dougal.

                          Jemma Streatfield

                          Registered Veterinary Nurse

                            Jemma joined WHVC in 2014 and spent some time working as a nursing / client care assistant. She then started her veterinary nurse training and qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2017 from the College of Animal Welfare. Her main interests in practice are anaesthesia, medical nursing and inpatient care.
                            Jemma’s future goals are to undertake a certificate in medical nursing.
                            Jemma owns a very exuberant terrier cross called Bobbie.



                            Mariah Newton

                            Student Veterinary Nurse

                              Mariah joined WHVC in 2018 and is currently undertaking her veterinary nurse training at The College of Animal Welfare.
                              Mariah’s main interests so far are inpatient care, dentistry and learning about the different drugs we use in practice.
                              Mariah owners a Mastiff called Pan and a Labrador x Border Collie called Doug.
                              Mariah will be due to finish her nurse training in 2020
                              GOOD LUCK MARIAH!