Artificial Insemination Packages 2019

Wendover Heights Equine is a British Equine Veterinary Association approved practice for
fresh, chilled and frozen AI.

Fresh and Chilled Semen – £360.00 including VAT

Frozen Semen – £450.00 including VAT


Fresh, Chilled and Frozen Semen Package Information

Included –

  • Multiple examinations and ultrasound scans as required
  • Drugs to induce ovulation
  • Assessment of semen
  • Storage of the semen during the treatment cycle
  • Insemination of the mare
  • Two pregnancy scans

Not Included –

  • Pre breeding swabs and bloods
  • Treatment to bring the mare into season
  • Semen
  • Visits (Visit fees will be charged at the normal rate. Free Visits not available)
  • Livery
  • Semen storage beyond the end of the cycle
  • Post breeding uterine treatment and flush
  • Drugs to relax the rectum to allow ultrasound examination
  • Sedation if required
  • Twin reduction

Payment Terms

All AI Packages must be paid for in advance of treatment. We will request payment following the first scan which will determine suitability of the mare and that cycle for AI. If the mare cannot be inseminated on the current cycle the cost of the first scan will be charged as normal. If payment for the package has not been received when requested then we will be unable to proceed.

Terms and Conditions

These packages offer the best chance of getting your mare in foal but are in no way a guarantee of success. A discretionary discount for a second cycle may be offered. These packages are available at the clinic – we may agree to visit your yard for fresh and chilled AI but frozen AI can only be done at our clinic.

For more information please contact the practice and ask to speak to one of our stud Vets or Rachel Jones, Equine Coordinator.