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For more information on these
lost/found pets please contact us on: 01296 623439


If your pet is microchipped please remember to update any change of address or phone numbers on the database. If unsure please contact the database to make sure.

(Microchipping consists of a simple injection to implant a small microchip under the animal’s skin. Each is programmed with a unique identifying number which is recorded on a central database along with the owner’s contact details (always remember to update any change of address or phone numbers on the database) – so if a missing animal is brought in to a vet, the Police or an organisation such as the RSPCA, it can be scanned and the owner identified and contacted.)

From April 2016 in England it will be a legal obligation for ALL dogs to be microchipped.

Lost/Found, when reported – information about the pet

LOST DOG 27th October – Bichon fries cross shih Tzu, entire male 2-4 years old black and white found in Chesham
FOUND PARROT 27th October – cockatiel, white with yellow chest found in Dunsmore
LOST CAT 20th October – young, neutered male white with black specks
FOUND CAT 20th October – grey tabby male from Tring
LOST DOG 16th October – collie cross terrier from Great Kingshill
FOUND CAT 16th October – black and white male 7 year old
LOST DOG 15th October – black schnauzer 9 months old from Amersham
LOST CAT 15th October – grey male neutered 7 year old from Aston Hill
LOST CAT 13th October – neutered male 2 year old from Wendover
FOUND CAT 11th October – grey and white
LOST CAT 9th October – Bengal 1 year old, male from Prestwood
FOUND CAT 5th October – short haired ginger neutered male, older age in Bellingdon
LOST PARROT 3rd October – African Grey from Tring

FOUND DOG 30th September – Jack Russell cross, tricolour entire male under 1 year old in Bulbourne Road
LOST CAT 26th September – black and white 6 year old from Aston Clinton
LOST CAT 24th September – large tabby male neutered
LOST CAT 22nd September – small white and black short haired from Haddington Close
LOST DOG 22nd September – male collie from Wendover
LOST PARROT 22nd September – Macaw from Haddenham
LOST CAT 17th September – neutered male 11 year old tabby from Aston Clinton
FOUND DOG 17th September – Hound type brown and gray from Princes Risborough
LOST CAT 17th September – Bengal 7 year old from South Heath
LOST CAT 8th September – black and white female 7 year old
LOST DOG 6th September – female akita 7/8 years old from Wendover
FOUND DOG 5th September – young black and white whippet in Wendover
LOST CAT 3rd September – black entire male 2 years old

LOST CAT 30th August – black neutered male short haired 3 year from Chesham
LOST CAT 29th August – white female with black on her face and tail from Naphill
LOST DOG 29th August – Entire male collie x, white with brown spots 5 year old
LOST DOG 28th August – Labrador retriever x beagle male, white 4 year old from Wendover
FOUND CAT 15th August – young neutered male from Speen
LOST 2x cats 15th August – both are young females, one is tortoiseshell and the other is lilac colour, from Wingrave
LOST DOG 12th August – Jack Russell neutered male, yellow – looks like a mini Labrador retriever, from Tring
LOST DOG 12th August – Akita, brown from Boddington Road
LOST DOG 4th August – Labrador retriever chocolate colour male from Butlers Cross
FOUND DOG 4th August – Jack Russell Terrier tricolour female from Great Missenden
LOST DOG 2nd August – tricolour collie 4 years old entire male
LOST DOG 1st August – Miniature schnauzer from Dunsmore area

LOST CAT 28th July – short haired blue 3 year old female from Aylesbury
LOST CAT 28th July – Black & white short haired neutered male from Great Missenden
LOST PARROT 25th July – Blue ringneck parakeet from Amersham, 2 years old, very noisy.
LOST CAT 22nd July – 6 month old Abyssinian male entire from Great Missenden
LOST CAT 21st July – Black & white entire male from Butlers Cross
LOST CAT 21st July – Bengal neutered male 2 year old from Ivinghoe
LOST CAT 17th July – Neutered male short haired tabby from Aylesbury Road
FOUND CAT 15th July – Black entire male from Little Hampden
LOST DOG 14th July – Border collie neutered male from Mansion Hill
LOST DOG 9th July – Border collie female 2 year old from Pinnor
FOUND KITTEN 8th July – Black & white entire female, 6 weeks old from Woollerton Crescent
FOUND KITTEN 2nd July – Black & white from Wendover

LOST CAT 28th June – tabby and white mature female from Prestwood
FOUND CAT 27th June – young entire male short haired ginger and white from Great Missenden
LOST CAT 27th June – black and white female – unique
FOUND DOG 27th June – springer spaniel cross, has short legs. Black and white female from Prestwood
LOST CAT 23rd June – neutered female tortoiseshell eldery cat from Aylesbury
LOST CAT 21st June – short haired tabby and white from Prestwood
LOST DOG 10th June – black patterdale neutered female 4 years old from Halton
LOST DOG 9th June – springer crossed with a Labrador, black entire male, from Marsworth
FOUND DOG 7th June – short haired black lurcher type, entire male, around 5 months old, found in Meadle
LOST CAT 6th June – short haired lilac point, 3 years old neutered female from Gainsborough Road, Aylesbury
LOST DOG 2nd June – 6 year old husky from Walton Court area

LOST CAT 31st May – tabby and white neutered male 1 year old from Tring
LOST DOG 28th May – springer spaniel liver/white 9 months old, from Mentmore golf club
LOST CAT 20th May – gray tabby entire male from Tring
FOUND RABBIT 16th May – small brown rabbit
FOUND DOG 15th May – terrier type, white with tan ears found at Wendover Market
LOST PARROT 8th May – African grey, talks a lot, from Northchurch
LOST DOG 8th May – Brown/white very thin collie 1 or 2 years old from Aylesbury
LOST CAT 5th May – female 2 year old silver tabby from Hawridge, Chesham

LOST CAT 30th April – Ragdoll x (looks Siamese), tan body with dark face from Weston Turville
LOST DOG 29th April – labradoodle (Labrador x poodle) female 3 years old, apricot colour and was last seen in Tring Park
FOUND CAT 15th April – black and white young male, is being looked after by Crossroads Vets, High Wycombe
LOST CAT 14th April – cream female 17 years from Wendover
FOUND CAT 12th April – Siamese, cream point around 10 years old, neutered male from Monks Risborough
LOST CAT 11th April – female small 14 years old tortoiseshell short haired cat from Wendover
LOST CAT 7th April – golden Persian female 4 years old from Great Hampden area
LOST DOG 2nd April – chihuahua from Kingshill
FOUND CAT 5th April – female tabby found in Weston Turville
LOST CAT 1st April – silver tabby from Halton

FOUND CAT 24th March – adult male short haired entire. White with blue eyes from Chesham
LOST DOG 21st March – black terrier cross female with a white stripe on chest 2 years old from South Heath
FOUND CAT 20th March – white with yellow/green eyes from Chesham area
LOST CAT 19th March – black with brown tinge from prestwood area
FOUND DOG 13th March – King Charles spaniel, tricolour male found in Long Marsden
LOST DOG 12th March – black and white collie with brown specks on eyes from Mansion Hill
LOST CAT 6th March – black cat with no tail, white patch on chest, she is 2 and half years old from Prestwood

LOST RABBIT 28th February – 1 and half years old blue male from Halton Camp, Wendover
LOST DOG 21st February – tricolour Jack Russell, 4 years old neutered male from Wendover
LOST CAT 19th February – been missing approximately 2 weeks, neutered male, tabby and white. He has long legs and tail and looks like he has Siamese parenting. From Meadowcroft.
LOST RABBIT 15th February – small grey dwarf rabbit 3 years old. Looks like a baby rabbit. From Victory Road, Wendover.
FOUND CAT 14th February – Tabby and white entire male found in Hale Lane, Wendover 10 days ago.
FOUND CAT 13th February- Elderly female, long haired tortoiseshell cat. Found on A413 between Great Missenden and Wendover.
LOST CAT 12th February – been missing since 10th Feb, neutered male 8 years old. Black and white, white body with black on top of his head, black ears, black tail, black patch on side of his body. From Weston Turville
FOUND CAT 11th February – Ginger male young, been hanging around Berkhamsted since 21st January
LOST CAT 6th February – male, black and white cat. He has white paws and a white moustache, last seen near Tring station.
FOUND CAT 5th February – large brown with darker brown points on face and paws. Entire male with a fluffy left hind, found in Prestwood.

LOST DOG 27th January – Red chihuahua male 9 months old from Halton Village
LOST CAT 23rd January – Bengal cross sandy coloured female 9 years off from Aylesbury
LOST DOG 22nd January – black neutered male flat coat retriever 9 years old. From Great Missenden.
LOST CAT 10th January – black and white short haired neutered make 11 years old, has 4 white socks on her paws and white streak on forehead. From Great Missenden
LOST CAT 7th January – Short haired male grey cat from Hawkslade area
LOST DOG 7th January – Female tricolour beagle 7 years old from Chartridge, Chesham.
FOUND DOG 3rd January – Greyhound x German shepherd, brown with brindle patches and a white patch on his neck. Neutered male about 6-8 years old.

FOUND DOG 31st December – Border terrier type dog rom Marsworth
FOUND DOG 31st December – Male, Black and Tan terrier from Marroway
FOUND DOG 24th December – Male, westie from Southcourt
LOST CAT 13th December – Female, white and tabby Bengal cross 1 year old from Teddar Road
LOST CAT 13th December – Very small tortoiseshell female cat 2 and half years old. She has big ears, white splodge on her nose. From Bicester Road, Aylesbury
LOST CAT 12th December – Female tabby 18 months old
LOST CAT 10th December – 9 years old, very small short haired dark tortoiseshell with tan flecks and has yellow eyes. She is very nervous – if seen please contact us as she will just run away.
FOUND CAT 9th December – Neutered male short haired tabby and white cat. 2 white socks on back legs, white toes on front paws, white bib. Age: Adult. Found on Tring Road opposite Wendover Heights Houses.

LOST KITTEN 26th November – Short haired female 4 months old, black and white from Southcourt
LOST DOG 22nd November – Black female labrador retriever from Coombe Hill
LOST CAT 19th November – Black with white under his chin, male from Ellesborough Road
LOST CAT 16th November – 1 eye 12 years old female from Conway Close, Aylesbury
LOST CAT 15th November – 15 year old ginger female short haired from Manor Crescent, Wendover
FOUND CAT 12th November – Black entire male around 3 years old, found Halton Lane, Halton
LOST CAT 12th November – ‘Neko’ neutered male main coon silver tabby 2yrs old from Asheridge, Chesham
LOST DOG 8th November – Tricolour Jack Russell Terrier 14 years old
LOST CAT 7th November – Main coon neutered male 2 years old been missing since end of August from Tring
LOST CAT 6th November – Ginger and white, male, short haired cat from Aylesbury

FOUND PARROT 23rd October – African Grey parrot found in Bushey
FOUND DOG 23rd October – White long haired shaggy Jack Russell type – female.
FOUND DOG 22nd October – Small female German Shepherd (recently had pups) found in Wendover.
FOUND DOG 20th October – Black Labrador Retriever found in Chesham
LOST CAT 18th October – Black haired neutered male 6 year old with a bushy tail. Last seen 14/10 Great Missenden.
FOUND CAT 17th October – black velvety short haired female young adult. Found Honour End Lane, Prestwood
LOST CAT 16th October – Ginger and white long haired male from Hillside, Cheddington
LOST CAT 8th October – Black and white male from Bicester Road, Aylesbury
FOUND CAT 7th October – Black and white female in Honor End Lane, Prestwood
LOST CAT 7th October – Female tortoiseshell cat
FOUND CAT 7th October – Black and white male found in Wendover near Shoulder of Mutton
FOUND CAT 4th October – Black and white found on Wycombe Road, Prestwood
LOST CAT 4th October – black and white female 10 year old with white dot on her nose, white chin, tummy and paws. She has a black collar with orange cats eyes on. From Wendover.
LOST DOG 3rd October – cream lurcher 7 months old in Wendover Woods
LOST CAT 3rd October – Neutered female 2 year old small build tabby from Little Kimble

LOST DOG 30th September – Border terrier cross, female 1 year old from St Leonards
LOST CAT 30th September – Tortoiseshell with white bib and is fluffy. From Princess Mary Gate Estate
FOUND KITTEN 30th September – Black and white female from Dobbins Lane, Vine Tree
LOST CAT 30th September – Grey Manx (no tail) neutered male with green eyes from Claydon Path
LOST CAT 30th September – Tabby and white from The Hale, Wendover
LOST CAT 25th September – Female long haired tortoiseshell and white 1 year 5 months
LOST DOG 24th September – Male neutered liver and white springer spaniel from hampden area
LOST CAT 21st September – Neutered ginger male 15 year old from Buckland area
LOST CAT 14th September – Neutered male tabby 5 year old cat from Prestwood area
LOST DOG 14th September – Black patterdale puppy, 10 weeks old, female from Bovingdon
LOST DOG 13th September – German short haired pointer black and white female from Milton Fields, Chalfont St Giles
LOST DOG 13th September – Springer spaniel with a pink collar from Dinton
LOST CAT 12th September – Short haired entire male 2 year old. Black and white (white tipped tail and white feet) Very muscley, green eyes with a black bobbly nose with a mostly white face.
FOUND CAT 12th September – Female black/brown cat with white hairs scattered in ears and on front legs. She has a nic in her left ear and has lost a front canine tooth. Found at Peppard Meadow, Prestwood. She is called ‘Marmite’.
LOST CAT 11th September – Female dark tabby and white long haired 7 year old. From Honor Road, Prestwood.
FOUND CAT 7th September – Entire male young adult short haired ginger and white found is Stoke Mandeville
LOST CAT 2nd September – 15 year old ginger and white male cat from Cobblers Hill
LOST DOG 2nd September – Flat coat retriever, female from Tring area

FOUND CAT 31st August – Male ginger cat found at Tesco in Wendover
LOST CAT 28th August – Male entire grey 9 months old, looks like a siamese but is a ragdoll cross, has blue eyes – from Weston Turville
LOST CAT 26th August – tabby and white female neutered from Watermead area.
LOST CAT 22nd August – Black female with white chest, green eyes from Bellingdon area.
LOST CAT 20th August – exotic shorthaired cream and ginger male neutered 1 year old from Bellingdon, Chesham
LOST CAT 18th August – Neutered male black cat 3 years old with a blue collar from Wendover (train station area)
LOST DOG 17th August – Whippet from wendover woods.
LOST DOG 15th August – Min schnauzer female 1 year old black from Butlers Cross, Aylesbury
LOST DOG 15th August – Cocker x poodle female black and white from Aylesbury Road, Risborough
FOUND DOG 14th August – Female, young, white jack russell terrier with a black patch on tummy. Found in Great Missenden.
LOST KITTEN 13th August – 4 week old grey female kitten from Wendover.
LOST TORTOISE 13th August – Male horsefield tortoise 9 year old with a wonky mouth from Great Missenden
LOST CAT 12th August – been missing since 31st July, black male shorthaired cat from Luton.
FOUND CAT 11th August – Black young female cat recently had kittens. Found on B483 between Chesham and Great Missenden, near Middlegrove Farm.
LOST CAT 4th August – Neutered male long haired white cat 5 year old from Wendover
LOST CAT 4th August – Female neutered short haired black and white cat with black face (split right ear) from Little Kingshill, Great Missenden
LOST DOG 2nd August – Male Australian collie – blue merle (grey/blue colour). He has paint on his tail. From Wigginton
FOUND DOG 2nd August – Male grey and white border collie with blue eyes found Chesham Road, Wigginton

FOUND DOG 31st July – Male golden retriever in The Hale area
LOST CAT 28th July – Black 15 year old
FOUND CAT 27th July – Tabby and white (tabby spot above left eye) found at Worlds End Garden Centre
LOST PARROT 26th July – African grey parrot from Flackwell Heath
LOST CAT 26th July – Tabby and white (tabby face, white chest, paws and tummy
FOUND KITTENS 26th July – 1 male tabby with bengal spots on tummy / 1 tabby and white with bengal spots on tummy with white face. Found near Kingshill
FOUND DOG 25th July – small golden colour dog with a curley coat (smaller than a cocker spaniel) found in Kiln Road, Prestwood
LOST CAT 22nd July – Tortoiseshell and white MALE 7 year old (Don’t normally get male tortoiseshell cats)
LOST SNAKE July – Corn Snake from Aylesbury
LOST CAT 22nd July – Neutered female tortoiseshell from Wendover.
FOUND CAT 20th July – Neutered male black and white mature adult. Big cat, white paws and white fur below the nose left side of the face. From Prestwood.
LOST CAT 20th July – Oriental grey kitten, female from Meadle area
FOUND CAT 19th July – Tortoiseshell and white, white paws and lower half of face. Ginger spolodge on right side of face. One ear ginger and one ear ginger and black – young female from Lee Common
LOST CAT 16th July – Neutered male short haired black 4 year old from Tring
LOST DOG 15th July – Staffordshire x Husky from Aylesbury area
LOST CAT 11th July – Black short haired 2 year old male neutered from Wendover
FOUND CAT 10th July – Entire male tabby adult
LOST DOG 8th July – yellow female Staffordshire bull terrier x Labrador retriever, 3 years old, last seen Mill Road, Chesham
FOUND CAT 2nd July – looks like young male gingery/smokey colour found Cheddington Lane in Long Marston

LOST DOG 27th June – Male white and patch jack Russell cross found Wendover High Street.
LOST CAT 20th June – female 16 year old short haired black cat from Nairdwood Lane, Prestwood
FOUND DOG 19th June – Jack Russell type, long haired female from Stoke Mandeville.
LOST DOG 18th June – male Welsh terrier 6 years old from Wendover Woods.
LOST DOGS 18th June – 2 x Chocolate/liver female Labrador retrievers 8 & 11 year olds from Berkhamsted.
LOST CAT 18th June – Black and white short haired from Chesham area.
LOST DOG 18th June – Black and white male Staffordshire bull terrier (white chest and white front leg) 11 year old from Coleshill (Near Amersham) Been missing since May.
LOST CAT 18th June – Caramel coloured male neutered Burmilla breed 9 year old, from Nags Head Lane, Great Missenden
LOST CAT 4th June – Ginger male cat from Warneford Avenue.
LOST CAT 2nd June – Black and white female 3 year old, short haired but fluffy from Haddington Close, Halton

LOST DOG 30st May – Entire male staffordshire bull terrier. 11 years old, black with white chest, white front left paw & white thumb print on back of neck. Last seen Coleshill.
FOUND CAT 29th May – Entire male burman cream with grey socks and ears from South Street, Wendover
LOST DOG 23rd May – White female staffordshire bull terrier. 6 years old, one blue eye and one brown eye, brown patch over blue eye, brown tail with white tip from Halton area.
LOST CAT 22nd May – Entire male ginger fluffy 2 year old from Haddenham
LOST CAT 22nd May – White with black dot on his head, short haired neutered male 9 months old – last seen Saturday 18th May from Chartridge
LOST CAT 21st May – 12 year old orange bengal from Stocks Road
FOUND CAT 18th May – entire male ginger.
LOST DOG 17th May – elderly, cream, jack russell x labrador male from Tring. Got lost after a house fire.
LOST DOG 8th May – White staffordshire bull terrier.
FOUND TORTOISE 7th May – Found in Prestwood.
LOST CAT 7th May – 15 year old tortoiseshell, very thin with yellow collar with red tag.
FOUND DOGS 7th May – 2 young female light tan german shepherds (or belgian shepherd crosses) and 1 young black patterdale found at Ellesborough gold club last night.
LOST CAT 4th May – Persion cross ginger with white socks 13 year old female from Wingrave, Tring
LOST CAT 2nd May – Dark tortoiseshell 8 year old female from Ellesborough
FOUND DOG 1st May – White collie cross 4 year old in Wendover Road

Lost jack russell x labrador from Tring 17 May 2013

Lost jack russell x labrador from Tring 17 May 2013

FOUND PARROT 28th April – African grey parrot with an old ring on leg from High Wycombe
LOST CAT 21st April – Short haired tabby 11 year old from Elm Hurst, Aylesbury
LOST CAT 18th April – Ginger neutered male short haired 9 year old cat from Buckingham Road, Aylesbury
LOST DOG 14th April – Collie cross Staffordshire bull terrier female black and tan 3 years old from Prestwood
LOST CAT 10th April – 1 year old male chocolate short haired from Manor Road, Tring
LOST DOG 8th April – Female irish terrier wheaten colour 8 months old, from Aylesbury
LOST CAT 4th April – Black neutered male mature age from Lee Common
FOUND DOG 4th April – Pug type dog found in Prestwood
FOUND DOG 4th April – Corgi sized wolf like dog in Prestwood
LOST CAT 3rd April – 17 year old neutered male from Lee Common
LOST CHICKENS 3rd April – from Wendover, one is white
LOST DOG 2nd April – Welsh terrier, female 7 year old black and tan from Butlers Cross

LOST CAT 29th March – Mackerel tabby short haired male neutered, 7 months old from Nags Head Lane, Great Missenden
FOUND DOGS 20th March – Mastiff & labrador retriever, both males found near Pole Cat pub, Prestwood
LOST CAT 19th March – Neutered male cat, white and tabby from Prestwood
LOST CAT 19th March – Chocolate male
FOUND DOG 15th March – black and white female cocker spaniel in Wendover
LOST DOG 8th March – Female border terrier 1 and half years old. Last seen Wigginton
LOST CAT 7th March – Female black cat 6 months old last seen in Hampden Hall
FOUND BUDGIE 1st March – white budgie in Wendover
LOST CAT 1st March – Silver tabby entire male 9 months old, black collar last seen in Tring

FOUND CAT 19th February – Ginger entire male cat found Martin’s End Lane, Great Missenden.
LOST DOG 18th February – Jack russell terrier lost in Halton area.
FOUND DOG 13th February – Black and white springer spaniel type entire male, elderly – found in Aston Clinton.
FOUND CAT 11th February – Black and white elderly female with purple collar with diamond studs on, found in Stoke Mandeville.
FOUND CAT 6th February – Black female short haired roughly 8 years old, found in Aldbury.
LOST CAT 6th February – Ginger tabby with red collar last seen in Halton.
LOST DOG 5th February – Liver and white german short-haired pointer been missing since December, last seen is Barnsley area.
FOUND DOG 4th February – Jack russell terrier x patterdale tricolour female, found in Wendover.
LOST DOG 3rd February – Jack russell terrier, female 8 months old tricolour

FOUND CAT 31st January – Black entire male short haired 1 year old in Hale, Wendover
LOST PARROTS 28th January – Indian Ringneck Parrots
LOST CAT 28th January – 5 month old tortie and white female from Wendover.
FOUND PARROT 26th January – Green with a red beak, Alexandrien Parrot found in Stoke Mandeville
FOUND DOG 24th January – short legged black and white spaniel, blue collar being held at Springwell Vets.
FOUND CAT 23rd January – neutered male black and white with unique black markings on his face, from Aylesbury Road.
LOST DOG 22nd January – neutered male collie cross whippet 6 years old from Wendover
LOST DOG 21st January – Small female jack russell terrier 2 years old was last seen in the fields near the black horse in prestwood, she has a grey and pink collar on and is black and white with a brown face.
FOUND CAT 21st January – A cream and chocolate point birman neutered male was found on Wycombe Road, Prestwood.
FOUND DOG 16th January – Female young border collie – one blue eye and one brown eye found Nashlee Lane, Butlers Cross
LOST DOG 11th January – Female german short-haired pointer 11 years old from Quanton area.
LOST CAT 10th January – Ginger and white neutered male 2 year old from Stocklake, Aylesbury
LOST DOG 5th January – Male beagle cross collie in Wendover Woods
LOST DOG 4th January – Jack russell terrier cross 4 year old neutered male from Tring
LOST CAT 4th January – Ginger and white long haired female 4 year old from Weston Turville
LOST CAT 4th January – Black neutered male 7 year old short haired from Great Horwood
LOST CAT 3rd January – Black and white neutered male with a white tear drop under left eye from Charles Street, Tring

LOST DOG 31st December – Black and tan female german shepherd from Leighton Buzzard
FOUND DOG 23rd-25th December – Staffordshire bull terrier brown and white female
FOUND DOG 21st December – Jack russell terrier tan and white male in Little Kimble
FOUND DOGS 21st December – Young german shepherds found in Great Missenden
LOST CAT 21st December – Male british blue neutered 6 years old from Aston Clinton
LOST CAT 14th December – Black with patches on legs 1 year old from Wendover
LOST CAT 14th December – Female brown spotted bengal from Great Kingshill
LOST CAT 12th December – Black and white female from Aylesbury
LOST DOG 5th December – White labradoodle (labrador cross poodle)
LOST DOG 4th December – Black/tan german shepherd from Northchurch

LOST DOG 30th November – Female lurcher 10 years old, light fawn colour, from Hoggeston area
LOST CAT 26th November – Norwegian forest cat, silver tabby, 1 year old from Great Missenden
FOUND CAT 24th November – Small black male cat at Trenchard Avenue, Halton
LOST CAT 24th November – Female black cat, 6 years old from Prestwood
LOST CAT November – Male neutered bengal cat, 3 years old, from Stone
FOUND CAT November – Long haired female black and white cat, white star on chest in Aylesbury
LOST CAT 17th November – Long haired black cat, 6 years old
FOUND CAT 17th November – Black cat at Trenchard Avenue, Halton
LOST DOG 16th November – Yellow labrador, from Great Missenden
LOST CAT 15th November – Female elderly silver tabby from Stoke Mandeville
FOUND DOG 15th November – Entire male jack russell terrier, tricolour, around 2 years old in Bedgrove
LOST DOG 14th November – Black labrador, from Great Missenden
FOUND CAT 3rd November – Female short haired elderly tortoiseshell in Prestwood
LOST CAT 2nd November – Female tabby 5 years old from Aylesbury
LOST CAT 1st November – Siamese cross tabby, 2 year old entire male longhaired with white chin from Wendover

FOUND CAT 30th October – Female short haired grey with white paws in Stoke Mandeville
FOUND CAT 19th October – Black with white star on chest, male around 6 months old
LOST DOG 18th October – Staffordshire bull terrier male bridle and white from Aylesbury
LOST CAT 18th October – Male white with ginger tail and eyes
FOUND CAT 15th October – Male short haired black and white cat around 2 years old
FOUND CAT 4th October – Short haired black and white cat at Wendover
LOST CAT 4th October – Male short haired black and white 1 year old from Aylesbury

LOST CAT 25th September – Neutered male black and white 6 year old from Aylesbury
LOST DOG 25th September – Female yellow labrador 1 year old from Great Missenden
LOST CAT 19th September – Neutered male cat black and white, no tail 10 years old from St Leonards
FOUND CAT 16th September – Short haired female around 6 years old, ginger right side of face, black left side of face and tabby body
FOUND CAT 15th September – Entire male 6 months old black and white patches on face, white chest and socks in Prestwood
FOUND CAT 8th September – Short haired male neutered around 10 years old tabby and white in Wendover
F0UND PARROT 5th September – Kakaring in Tring
LOST SHEEP 1st September – 3 sheep from Ellesborough

FOUND DOG 26th August – Wire haired jack russell terrier entire male white and patch with a tan eye and ear in Prestwood
FOUND CAT 25th August – Male neutered black in Wendover
LOST CAT 21st August – Male neutered large tabby with 4 white paws, white bib and blaze, 3 years old from Tring
LOST CAT 20th August – Male neutered ginger and white from Aston Clinton
FOUND CAT 18th August – Short haired male neutered black in Wendover
FOUND KITTENS 18th August – one: black with white markings. The other: tabby with white feet, around 4 months old in Great Missenden
LOST DOG 15th August – Husky cross male, black and white 3 years old from Larkhill
LOST CAT 15th August – Long haired female black and white 3 year old from Halton
LOST CAT 14th August – Grey female short haired from Milton Keynes
LOST CAT 12th August – Black and white short haired cat from Great Kingshill
LOST CAT 12th August – Long haired black with white socks and bib 1 year old
FOUND DOG 10th August – Staffordshire bull terrier cross male black and white with white ears in Aylesbury
FOUND CAT 9th August – Short haired male neutered black with 4 white socks in Kingshill
LOST CAT 8th August – Siamese brown and cream male neutered 2 years old from Wendover
FOUND CAT 7th August – Entire male grey tabby and white, white lower half and tip of tail, ginger chin around 5 years old
FOUND PARROT 4th August – male eclectus
LOST CAT 3rd August – Female short haired white with grey and brown patches, 6 years old from Tring
FOUND CAT August – Short haired cat beige with dark face, ears and paws in Wigginton

LOST DOG 26th July – Female husky 1 year old tricolour from Great Missenden
LOST DOG July – Female cavalier king charles spaniel, chestnut colour from Wendover Road
FOUND CAT 24th July – Grey tabby in Weston Turville
LOST CAT 22nd July – Balinese male red point 5 years old from Great Missenden
LOST CAT 20th July – Female short haired tortoiseshell 4 months old from Wendover
LOST CAT 18th July – Female mack tabby short haired 12 year old from Weston Turville
FOUND CAT 15th July – Short haired black and white 3 months old in Halton Lane
LOST CAT 15th July – Male neutered short haired black small and slim 2 years old from Bedgrove
LOST DOG 12th July – Collie x german shepherd female 12 year old
FOUND CAT 2nd July – Long haired female black and white 18 months old, green eyes and white front paws in Mandeville Road