Equine Client Evening – Monday 17th July at 7.30pm

Equine Lameness with Giorgio Corraretti DVM MRCVS

Please join us for our next client evening at the practice in Halton with our Vet Giorgio Corraretti DVM MRCVS.

Giorgio will talk to us about equine lameness. There are multiple causes of lameness in horses so Giorgio will talk to us about the most common orthopaedic conditions that we are presented with in first opinion practice. He will also take us through the diagnostic process and what to expect when your horse is admitted to our unit for investigations.

All welcome – please contact us to add your name to the list. Our talks are free of charge to attend, drinks and nibbles are provided.

Rachel Jones
Equine Coordinator 01296 621 840

Back on Track – Vaccination Amnesty – June 2017

Equine Flu and Tetanus are serious threats to your horses health and Wendover Heights Equine strongly recommends keeping your vaccinations up to date  – During the month of June we will be running an Equine Vaccination Amnesty for Flu and Flu and Tetanus. If your horse has never been vaccinated or the vaccinations have lapsed and you have the first vaccine of the primary course in JUNE the second vaccine will be FREE! A saving of over £30.

Your horse must be over 12 months old and you must have the second FREE vaccine done within six weeks of the first.

Please call our equine line to book 01296 621 840.  Terms and Conditions apply.

Equine Cushings Disease – Free Lab Testing Fees – 1st June until the Autumn.

We are pleased to let you know that we are participating in the Boehringer initiative Talk About Laminitis again this year which offers FREE lab fees when testing horses and ponies for Cushings disease that have not been previously diagnosed. The offer runs from 1st June until the autumn (terms and conditions apply)

If your horse is showing any signs of Cushings disease a simple blood test can confirm or rule out it out- symptoms include recurrent infections, a long curly coat, excessive drinking, fat pads, lethargy and arguably the worst symptom Laminitis. If confirmed the treatment is simple and can transform the quality of life of your horse . If you would like more information about Cushings disease, the testing or the treatment please view the link below – we are also happy to talk to you about your individual horse so please give us a call 01296 621 840.

Please download a voucher here – available from the 1st June 2017.

Equine Client Evening Monday 19th June at 7pm at the Practice in Halton

Comparison of the Anatomical Variations of the Modern Day Horse with Dr Tracy Crook

Please join us for our next client evening hosted by Dr Tracy Crook of Chiltern Vet Physio. Tracy will present a pictorial dissection to investigate how breeding of the modern day horse has changed the anatomical structures and the effect of riding and conformation on performance.

Tracy has presented many talks with us over the last few years and she never fails to deliver an informative and fascinating evening of education. This is a free event and everyone is welcome.

Please contact us to add your name to the list. Drinks and nibbles provided.

Tel: 01296 621 840   Email: equine@whvc.co.uk   Facebook: ChilternVetPhysio

Client Evening – Donkeys are Different

Thursday 11th May 2017 at 7.30pm at the Practice in Wendover

Please join us for our next client evening when we will be joined by Vet Anna Harrison MRCVS from The Donkey Sanctuary. Anna will talk to us about the brilliant work the Sanctuary does and how and why donkeys are different- they are not mini horses and they have some very specific needs when it comes to care and management. Anna will also tell us about some of the more common health problems donkeys can suffer with and the role of your Veterinary Surgeon when looking after your donkey. We will also be joined by a Vet nutritionist who will talk to us about the importance of a correct and balanced diet. Our Vet Kathryn Tuckett will also be on hand to answer any questions you have.

As usual there is no fee to attend our client evening – we will be running a raffle on the night with all proceeds going to The Donkey Sanctuary.

Drinks and nibbles provided – All welcome. Please contact me to reserve your place

Contact: Rachel, Equine Coordinator

Tel: 01296 621 840 or Email: equine@whvc.co.uk

Equine Internal Organs Dissection Client Evening

Tuesday 21st March 2017 at 7.30pm at the Practice in Halton

Due to popular demand we would like to invite you to another dissection evening for clients at the practice in Halton. This time we will be looking at the major internal organs of the horse. Our team of Equine Vets will show us the internal structures and explain the intricate workings of the heart, lungs, trachea and larynx, the kidneys, the spleen and the liver.

We will talk about common conditions associated with each of these organs that many horse owners will have come across such as liver disease, heart murmurs and respiratory conditions.  You can choose to get ‘hands on’ or watch and listen from a distance.

We would love to see you there so please contact me to add your name to the list or to find out more information. Masks, aprons and gloves will be provided! All welcome.

Contact: Rachel, Equine Coordinator

Tel: 01296 621 840 or Email: equine@whvc.co.uk

Equine Flu and Strangles – All you need to know as a horse owner

Client Evening Tuesday 24th January at 7.30pm at the Practice

Please join us for our next client evening at the practice on Tuesday 24th January 2017 at 7.30pm.  Our Equine Vet Kathryn Tuckett will talk to us about Strangles and Juliette Abbott from Merial will fill us in on the latest news about Equine Flu.

Strangles is an endemic bacterial infection that causes dread in the equine community. Due to the highly infectious nature of Strangles, without strict biosecurity policies it rapidly spreads through yards and herds. Kathryn will cover the following essential topics:

  • The symptoms
  • What to do immediately if Strangles is suspected
  • Managing an individual or a yard of infected horses
  • How to test and what the results mean
  • Prevention including how to manage a new horse on the yard
  • Biosecurity and isolation policies
  • Facts versus myths

Another contagious respiratory disease that we will talk about is Equine Flu – most of us manage to struggle on with a cold at this time of year but Flu is a different matter, the same can be said for our horses. Horses that contract Flu can become really sick and recovery can be prolonged. Wendover Heights Equine strongly recommend that you vaccinate your horses against flu and keep those vaccines up to date. Please come along to our client evening to find out more about Strangles and Flu.

Drinks and nibbles will be provided. Please call, email, Facebook message or let your vet know if you would like to come along, contact details below.

All welcome, we will look forward to seeing you there.

Contact: Rachel, Equine Coordinator

Tel: 01296 621 840 or Email: equine@whvc.co.uk

Autumn Worming Offer – valid until 31st Oct 2016

We are offering a half price faecal worm egg count when you buy a tapeworm saliva test kit from us this Autumn. To claim the offer ‘share’ and ‘like’ the post on our Facebook page and bring us a sample quoting AUTUMNWORMS!

Remember tapeworm isn’t detected in a faecal egg count. Autumn and Spring are the ideal times to consider tapeworm in your worming program. The tapeworm saliva test is straight forward to use and comes with an easy to follow instruction sheet.

Collecting a faecal sample is easy but there are a few things that will improve the accuracy of the test:

  • The sample should be as fresh as possible (ideally pick it up in the morning and bring it straight over to us, if you are delayed keep it in the fridge ❄ until you can bring it in later in the day)
  • Don’t take too small a sample – ideally take a generous pinch of faeces from 5 different faecal balls within the same pile
  • Put the sample into a sandwich bag and squeeze out the air before sealing it.
  • Make sure you put your name and your horses name on the sample!
  • Bring it into us in the practice at Wendover Heights, Halton and our nurses will run the sample in house and results will usually be back within 24 hours, with interpretation from our equine Vets.

Our equine Vets ❤ talking about worming so feel free to call to discuss your horse and your yard, and make sure you are up-to-date with the latest information!

***Offer runs until 31st October ?, to claim the offer share and like this post and bring us a sample quoting AUTUMNWORMS!***

Rachel, Equine Coordinator 01296 621 840

Equine Client Evenings – Autumn 2016

Wednesday 26th October 2016 – Atypical Myopathy.

It is that time of year again when we must all be aware of ATYPICAL MYOPATHY. This devastating illness is more often than not fatal and we as horse owners must be aware of the dangers. The seeds from the sycamore tree – commonly known as ‘helicopters’ are extremely toxic to horses and they must be prevented from eating them. There appears to be large crops of seeds on the trees this year so we want to spread the word far and wide. Please ‘like’ and ‘share’ this post and come along to our client evening in October which Equine Vet Kathryn Tuckett will host. Please contact me to reserve your place.

All welcome – Drinks and nibbles provided.

For more information please also follow the link to our Atypical Myopathy fact sheet.

Rachel, Equine Coordinator 0126 621 840 equine@whvc.co.uk

Tuesday 27th September – Gastric Ulcers in Horses.

This is a very common complaint that has many signs and symptoms and can affect all horses from broodmares to professional competition animals. Every horse and pony owner should know what to look out for. We will be joined by Juliette Abbott from Merial who are the manufacturers of GastroGard and she will tell us about gastric ulcers, why they occur, what can be done to prevent and treat them and then our own equine vet Ben Wakeling will be talking to us about nutrition and feeding the competition horse.

Drinks and refreshments provided – all welcome. Please contact us to add your name to the list.

Time: 7.30pm

Venue: Wendover Heights Equine, Halton, HP22 5PN

Contact: Rachel, Equine Coordinator

Tel: 01296 621 840 or Email: equine@whvc.co.uk


Summer 2016

Monday 25th July 2016 – A Practical Demonstration with Chartered Physiotherapist Dr Tracy Cook



Have you heard of Sports Taping? You may have seen human athletes wearing sports tape during competition. Taping can benefit horses too! Physiotherapists use taping to encourage weak muscles to work more efficiently and overdeveloped muscles to relax. Come along and learn more about this relatively new technique with Dr Tracy Crook. Tracy will talk us through the benefits of ‘taping’ and demonstrate common taping techniques outlining which injuries and conditions it is most appropriate for.

Please contact me to reserve your place.   Drink and nibbles provided.

Time: 7.30pm

Venue: Wendover Heights Equine, Halton, HP22 5PN

Contact: Rachel, Equine Coordinator

Tel: 01296 621 840 or Email: equine@whvc.co.uk

Equine Summer BBQ & Quiz

Thank you to everyone who came along last night to the Equine Summer Quiz and BBQ. We all had a great time and it was fantastic to have such a huge turnout! We hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as we did.

We must say a special thank you to Ross Irving who was Quiz Master and did a brilliant job! Congratulations to the team ‘Ladies that Lunge’ who won the River View Picnic Pass for Blenheim International Horse Trials, we hope you have a great day out. Well done to runners up ‘The Dozey Donkeys’ and ‘The While You Are Here Gang ‘ too. We hope you enjoy your champagne and chocolate. Well done to all the other winners too.

Thanks again for supporting our event!


Rachel, Equine Coordinator



Equine Client Evenings – Spring 2016

All sessions below to be held at Wendover Heights Equine, Halton, HP22 5PN

To book a place on any of the below talks, please contact: 01296 621840 or email: equine@whvc.co.uk

Download a printable copy of Spring events here

Equine Foot Conditions – When to use Remedial Farriery

Thursday 12th May at 7.30pm

With Giorgio Corraretti and Rachel Harrison-Osborne

Do you know the difference between a heart bar and an egg bar shoe? Please join us for an in-depth look at equine foot conditions such as navicular syndrome, laminitis and some arthritic conditions and discover when remedial farriery can significantly improve your horse’s prognosis and aid a speedy return to soundness.

Not for the Squeamish – Practical Distal Limb Dissection

Tuesday 12th April at 7.30pm

With Ben, Kathryn, Giorgio & Rachel

Back by popular demand – Come and join the equine team for a practical lower limb dissection clinic in our equine unit. If you are a bit squeamish you can just observe or you can get hands on with identifying the complex structures of the lower limb that we commonly identify as causes of lameness.

The Diagnosis of Poor Performance in Horses

Tuesday 1st March at 7.30pm

With Giorgio Corraretti and Rachel Harrison-Osborne

Has your horse lost his sparkle? We are regularly asked to see horses for what is described as poor or loss of performance. Come along and listen to Giorgio and Rachel talk about the diagnostic investigations we use when presented with a case such as this.